equal opportunities: it what makes us move!

Waterlily is a small tourism business registered under RNT (nº 267/2013) of Turismo de Portugal, I.P. which is "the central public authority responsible for promotion, enhancement and sustainability of Tourism activities". 

We provide tourist and leisure experiences for all people, but we specialise in welcoming all those with temporary or permanent limitations (physical and/or cognitive) and their families and partners; families with small children; the elderly.

Waterlily promotes connections between tourist and leisure related organisations in the city of Porto and other cities in the North of Portugal.


why 'waterlily'? :)

Several people ask us why we picked this name for the project?! We recognize that, from marketing point of view, it may not have been an obvious choice, but we think that we have a good explanation for this! :)

This aquatic plant, even though it shows some fragility, is strong and resistant, able to rise up in the face of adversity, supporting other elements in its ecosystem. This is the idea that the Waterlily team associated with those people who deal, daily, with significant challenges.